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Sanctuarý of Drak'thul

Sanctuarý is a casual guild, focused on progression at our own pace. Our desire is to see all the game has to offer, without the pressure of being the first or necessarily the best, but certainly the most friendly; family feeling environment where folks can play their toons without drama in a PG environment. Our leadership team is compromised of long time WoW players. The GM and Officers have been playing this game since it's inception - or what many refer to as "vanilla WoW". They also have a myriad of toons so they can display a complete knowledge of ALL kinds of classes/races to empathize and understand all mechanics of running raids, instances, and obtaining achievements. All of our leadership has been on hard core raid teams. We know what it means to get to that status and STAY at that status and have decided that's not what we want this guild to look and feel like.

We don't care if you are the "best". We care that you can play your toon, understand the mechanics of your chosen spec, function as a team member, provide help to our family environment, avoid drama whenever possible, and maintain our PG environment out of respect for those of us that have children that play and each other. When we mention we are a family environment, that is no exaggeration.

The current leadership team are all family members. We consider all members of our guild our WoW family, and as such expect everyone to treat each other with respect. Most importantly though, we have FUN. We have special dates set aside for special guild events - things like "Where's Waldo" or treasure hunts, or interesting contests that involves SPEED RUNS through dungeons and instances with gold rewards. It's all part of team building...because if you don't know your team, you can't possibly raid.


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