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Sanctuarý is a casual guild, focused on progression at our own pace. Our desire is to see all the game has to offer, without the pressure of being the first or necessarily the best, but certainly the most friendly; family feeling environment where folks can play their toons without drama in a PG environment. Our leadership team is compromised of long time WoW players. The GM and Officers have been playing this game since it's inception - or what many refer to as "vanilla WoW". They also have a myriad of toons so they can display a complete knowledge of ALL kinds of classes/races to empathize and understand all mechanics of running raids, instances, and obtaining achievements. All of our leadership has been on hard core raid teams. We know what it means to get to that status and STAY at that status and have decided that's not what we want this guild to look and feel like.

We don't care if you are the "best". We care that you can play your toon, understand the mechanics of your chosen spec, function as a team member, provide help to our family environment, avoid drama whenever possible, and maintain our PG environment out of respect for those of us that have children that play and each other. When we mention we are a family environment, that is no exaggeration.

The current leadership team are all family members. We consider all members of our guild our WoW family, and as such expect everyone to treat each other with respect. Most importantly though, we have FUN. We have special dates set aside for special guild events - things like "Where's Waldo" or treasure hunts, or interesting contests that involves SPEED RUNS through dungeons and instances with gold rewards. It's all part of team building...because if you don't know your team, you can't possibly raid.


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Guid Meeting Notes from 10/18/17

by Ladiebella, 16 hours ago

Thanks to all who was able to attend the Guild/Raid meeting. Just wanted to post the notes for reference to all that missed.  Please pass around this information as you are able.  

New Raid content releasing in three weeks - consensus for gear level:  I asked for a general consensus for gear/dps levels as we enter new raid content shortly. With the awareness that "not a good gear score does a great player make", and vice versa - the soft line expectation moving forward is going to be a 925 item level and 900K consistent dps minimum.  Tanks will be held to that number.  Heals will as well until meters can be reviewed.  If anyone joining our group doesn't meet those expectations, we will gladly refer them to our Friday night ALT run, and assist them with their toon.  There are enough of us with geared/well performing toons that can offer help to anyone in need.  Those numbers will become more hard lined after we are in there and see what is in store for us, and I will ensure we are bringing folks into the mix that meet our requirements. 

 Start times / Finish Times: Our start time is 8pm Eastern Standard Time.  That means, we are pulling trash at 8pm.  Please ensure you are logged in and ready for invites and summons by 7:50-7:55 at the absolute latest.  If you are not in party and ready to pull by 8pm you will lose your spot for the night.  If you have not advised me you are going to be late - the assumption is you are not coming and at 7:15 I am working to fill your spot off "the list".  

My commitment to you is that I will be logging on between 7:15 to 7:30 to begin filling our raid based on who I know is coming.  I will fill to a 2-5-14/16 ratio.    

 I would like to extend our raid time to Midnight eastern time so we can progress further through the content.  If you are unable to stay past that time, I need to know before hand so I can plan on substituting for you.  There are currently 4 team members that I am creating subs for at approximately 11pm - KJ, Anna, Assanna and Dreadie due to family commitments.  Please let me know conflicts before 8pm (an hour before raid would be ideal) so I can get folks to cover for you, or so I can just bulk up in the beginning so it won't hurt us when you leave!

 Group make up (current and goals): It is clear we need more dps.  I am going to work actively at the beginning of the raid earlier to provide us with 14-16 dps at the start of the raid.  You are welcome to bring friends that you have as long as they are geared at 925 and can sustain 900K dps.

Gems/Enchants/Food/Flasks:  I will continue to stress this at every guild meeting.  Come prepared with your own food and flasks.  Caldrons and feasts will be provided when they are available, as a courtesy for running - however they are never guaranteed.  

Also, if your character is not gemmed and enchanted, you will not be allowed to take that toon. We have WAY too many folks that can assist with this, and the time to do so is not a 8pm standing in front of the first boss.  Please let me know if you need help with this.  The guild sponsors support with this for guild raiders. All the enchanters ask is that you provide mats.  The guild will sponsor obtaining mats or enchants we already have in one of the overflow banks.  

Feedback from team, general discussion: Darrayn wanted to point out that we need to do a better job of "break recovery" in between pulls.  And we absolutely do.  Die, get up, get back, get fed, and get ready.  Pull again, and we win. We all want to have fun, but let's celebrate the wins, and less down time during the in deaths.  The fights are so long to begin with, we want to be proactive in between the fights so we can have enough time to progress.  We will have 5 min break times about every hour, so keep that in mind.  If we start pulling at 8, you can expect the first break at 9, and then at 10, etc.  

 That's about it, if I missed anything or if you would like to add anything please reply with a post.

Thanks so much, and see you in game!


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Guild (Raid) Meeting Agenda

by Ladiebella, 4 days ago

On Wednesday, 10/18/17 we are scheduled to have a Guild (Raid) Meeting at 8pm EST.  Please make every effort to attend.  Here's a look at the agenda I would like to cover:

Start times / Finish Times (5 min)

Group make up (current and goals) - Heroic run only (5 min)

How do I know you are attending? (5 min)

Gems/Enchants/Food/Flasks (5 min)

New Raid in 3 weeks - consensus for gear level (10 min)

Feedback from team, general discussion (Open time)

I appreciate your attendance, and your feedback!



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